Classic cars are hard to come by and even harder to maintain. Most of your parts are not so easily available anymore. Windshields are not what they used to be. So owning a classic car is not as easy as it sounds. But, the good thing about owning one is being able to drive one. And like all other vehicles, it should have classic car insurance coverage, as well.

How Classic Cars Are Classified

There are different definitions as to what car can be classified as a “classic car.” But for the sake of information we will stick with the American definition. The Classic Car Club of America says that a car must be between 30 and 49 years of age to be placed in the classic category, while cars between 50 and 99 years old are classified in the pre-vintage class, and cars 100 years and older classify in the ancient class.

Having said that, one issue for classic cars is road safety. There aren’t many auto insurance companies that offer classic car insurance policies — that’s a problem. Fortunately, a few insurance companies, like Lopez Auto Insurance has classic car insurance among its product offers.

Quick Tips on Keeping Your Classic Car Safe on the Road

if you were not able to get classic car insurance, then make sure to keep your vintage vehicle in top shape. So, here are some things to check to make sure your classic car safe on the streets.

  1. Seat Belts – pretty basic, don’t you think? The seat belts of yesteryear are not easily comparable to the seat belts of today. We have better locking mechanisms and strong straps. It would be a very good idea to replace your classic car seat belts with some of the more modern ones available. Yes, the seat belt would no longer be original, but at least it would avoid problems in the event of an accident.
  2. Absorbent Strain Zones – Classic cars do not have absorbent strain zones, but they were made with very, very hard material. Basically they are quite robust, but having absorbent crumple zones is always important, especially on roads with certain speeds to maintain. Accidents happen and it is better to prevent. There are other ways to improvise on making your own absorbent crumple zone for your classic car. For that reason we have the internet.
  3. Roll Protection – Even though most classic cars are super robust, most of them do not have enough roll protection. Rollovers have one of the highest fatality rates of any other vehicular accident. This is a terrifying fact, however it does have a solution. Installing a roll cage in your car can be very easy and fun to watch. Sure, it will take up space, but it’s just a bit of space compared to the life you’re protecting.
  4. Classic Car Insurance – There are many affordable auto insurance companies today. But, most of them don’t care about classic cars. You have to find a company that offers classic car insurance policies and get an auto insurance quote to see how they can help you with post-accident expenses and other benefits you can get.

Those are things that you have to take into account before taking that classic beauty out onto the streets. If you need help with your classic car insurance, look no further than Lopez Auto Insurance. We have the best coverages and those coverages include classic cars! Excellent news? It gets even better, Lopez Auto Insurance offers the cheapest full coverage auto insurance in the nation. If you don’t believe us, feel free to contact us or get free auto insurance quotes online. Here at Lopez Auto Insurance, we really care about your cars.