A car accident can have many legal repercussions. A driver found to be at fault in an accident may face fines, license suspension, or revocation. In extreme cases, even jail time. And if the driver’s insurance company refuses to accept liability for the damages, there are still remedies available.

When the victim of a car accident files a claim, it is usually accepted without much question. However, sometimes an insurer will refuse to take responsibility for their client’s actions. This can leave the victims facing financial problems on their own. Normally, will they incur medical bills due to injury in the crash. But in other cases, they may have to pay for property damage out of their pocket, as well. What can the victim do in this case? What will you do if the insurance company refuses to liability of the crash?

Things You Can Do If A Driver’s Insurance Company Refuses to Accept Liability

If the insurance company refuses to accept liability for a crash, it’s not the end of the line for you. There are choices to make things right. You can change the tide in your favor, and below are some of your options.

File a Complaint

File a complaint with the state insurance regulators’ office. In Texas, you can get help with an insurance complaint at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). If your claim is denied and the insurance company is not acting in good faith, or is delaying payment because they suspect that you are trying to defraud them, you should contact TDI immediately and let the process run its course. The investigation could take anywhere from a few months to a year. But it is worth it if you end up receiving compensation for your damages.

Take Legal Action

If filing a complaint with TDI doesn’t get results or gets stalled in the bureaucracy, look into taking legal action. You will want to work with a veteran attorney who understands insurance companies and how they operate. This will make all a big difference when trying to receive compensation for your medical bills. Likewise with lost wages, damage to your vehicle, and stress. Cases like these often require a lot of in-depth evidence that only an expert can provide. If you have a witness who backs up your claims against the insurance company then that might be enough to sway the outcome of your case.

Incidences like these are quite complex. So, it might be helpful for you to gain as much details about what you can do to improve your situation before taking any action. The fact that insurance companies don’t handle cases themselves anymore means that they rely on experts who build their defense to protect them from losing money. It is tough but not impossible. Just make sure that you have supporting evidence and a reliable attorney by your side when going up against insurance companies.

Use Your Auto Insurance Policy

If the driver who hit you does not have insurance, or their insurance company refuses to accept liability, consider using your own auto insurance policy. Depending on the type of policy you have, it might provide some coverage for the damages caused by the accident. This is not a fool-proof solution, as some policies have very specific exclusions that would prevent this from happening, but it is worth checking into.

Ask for Explanation

If you have been denied a claim, the insurance company is obligated to provide an explanation in writing. This document should outline the specific reasons for the denial and list any supporting evidence that was used. It is your right to request this information, so make sure to do so if you are feeling lost and frustrated. With this information in hand, you will be able to better understand what your next steps should be.

An insurance company that refuses to take responsibility for damages caused by one of its drivers can cause significant financial problems for the victim. However, there are still options available, such as filing a complaint with the state insurance regulators or taking legal action. If those don’t work, using your own auto insurance policy might help get some compensation. And finally, make sure to ask for an explanation of the denial so you can understand the reasoning behind it.

In a Nutshell About What Can I Do If A Driver’s Insurance Company Refuses to Accept Liability for the Crash

There are a few options you have if the insurance company of a driver who caused an accident refuses to compensate you. You can file a complaint with the state insurance regulators, take legal action, use your own auto insurance policy (if it applies), or investigate how to do it yourself. Each option has its place and might yield better results than others depending on your case and what evidence is available. Always make sure that you ask for an explanation of the denial so that you know what they are basing their decision on.

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