We love the freedom that a motorcycle can provide, right? With the wind blowing in your face, the smell of the cool breeze, and the sound of that powerful engine. Oh what a joy! Sitting on my motorcycle every morning makes me feel happy, what more do I need than riding my motorcycle? Keeping my motorcycle in top condition is one thing, and having a motorcycle insurance is another.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong on a motorcycle ride. You could end up with a motorcycle that is making noise due to loss of proper compression. Or you could be riding on a low tire (which is impossible since motorcycles only have 2 wheels. But the worst thing is getting involved in an accident. So, to save you from all the mishaps that might happen here is a list of things to check before going on a motorcycle trip:

Tips to Prepare You Better for a Long Drive with Your Motorcycle

  1. Take a look at your motorcycle – just like when you start a new relationship with a new girl, you couldn’t stop looking at her, right? Do that with your motorcycle before heading out. Check your bike for anything that could go wrong or be annoying to the eye of a motorcycle lover. It is a great help.
  2. Check your fuel gauge – well, if it’s empty, then you won’t be able to drive. That is very elementary, my dear Watson. If it’s in E, the gas station is where you want to be.
  3. Check the oil – it is important to have a weekly oil check, because your motorcycle could be consuming more oil than usual and that is never good news. Also check the engine for leaks, you don’t want the oil to go to the wrong places.
  4. Control cables – they don’t actually fail, but they do break down over time. Check cables while engine is not running. That way, you will notice a grinding sensation. This is the first sign that the cable is beginning to deteriorate. The wires in the cable are beginning to break.
  5. Brakes – are very important with everything that has an engine. Having working brakes is vital to your safety when driving. Be sure to check the brake crossovers from the lever line to the calipers, and give your brake lever a couple of squeezes before starting your motorcycle’s engine.
  6. Tires – The air pressure in the tires determines the profile, which affects the handling of a motorcycle. Checking the tires is just as important as checking the brakes.
  7. Lights – this is very important on your ride, because how can you drive at night without lights? How will the people behind the bike see if the taillights are not working? Always check all the functionality of the lights before going out for a ride.
  8. Motorcycle insurance policy – Check your motorcycle insurance policy to ensure you have the right coverage for your trips. The policy may have expired and you will the chance to make an insurance claim in the event of accidents on the road.

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